Confirmation I and II

A Two Year Confirmation Preparation Program


Program Overview
We extend a warm welcome to our Confirmation candidates, their sponsors and their parents!  This is a two-year faith formation process for high school students, but the preparation process can vary depending on individual circumstances.  The best way for parents to prepare their child to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation is to model active participation in the Sacraments, especially weekly Mass attendance.  Any questions about our program should be directed to the Confirmation Coordinator.

There are three components to our parish Confirmation Preparation Program:

  • Mass
  • Class Sessions/Sponsor Meetings/Retreat and Special Events
  • Works of Mercy/Service Projects

As members of our Catholic Church, it is expected that candidates for Sacrament of Confirmation will attend Mass.  If unable to attend the 10:00am liturgy, candidates may attend Mass with their family during another scheduled liturgy. 

During the 10:00am Sunday liturgy, candidates will take an active role in the celebration of the Mass as greeters, lectors, ushers, and gift bearers.  The schedule for the class Mass assignments will be provided to catechists and sent home with students in the fall. 

Class Sessions and Curriculum/Sponsor Sessions/Retreat

Class Sessions.  Our Confirmation I and II youth meet in small group sessions with their catechists after the 10:00am Mass on designated Sundays from 11:15am to 12:30pm.  We have a dedicated team of volunteer catechists who will meet with the candidates for an average of two sessions per month. The program schedule is on our parish website under the Faith Formation tab and a hard copy of the schedule will be handed out and discussed at our fall parent meeting.

Curriculum for Confirmation I.  The focus of the first year of sacramental preparation is:

  • Developing a closer relationship with Jesus through personal prayer
  • Understanding the Mass - the highest form of prayer

Curriculum for Confirmation II.  The focus of the second year of sacramental preparation is:

  • Exploring the richness of the Sacrament of Confirmation and
  • Developing a personal understanding of why the candidate is choosing this important step in their faith journey.

A list of requirements for the completion of Sacrament preparation is found in the Confirmation Candidate Preparation Checklist form.

During each of the two years of Confirmation I and II preparations, students will explore Jesus’ plan for them and discover how to become the “best version of themselves” using Matthew Kelly’s newly released Decision Point curriculum.  Students and parents are encouraged to download the free Decision Point program onto their smart phone or tablet, if available.  Otherwise, videos can be viewed from a home computer from the following website: and open the Decision Point curriculum. Students will receive student handbooks and a Youth Bible.  They will also benefit from multi-media materials that support a thought provoking and stimulating learning environment.

At-Home Reflections.  Prior to our in-class sessions, students will be asked to view brief video clips on their phone or computer at home, and to individually reflect on the session questions as provided by their catechist.  The home assignments are aimed at helping our youth experience the joy and practice of personal prayer and spiritual reflection.  This approach is aimed at enriching their time spent in class sessions so that more time can be devoted to interactive discussions rather than viewing video clips.  Parents and sponsors are encouraged to view the home reflection videos and use the questions as a valuable tool for not only supporting their child but enriching their own personal faith and family faith life.

Attendance.  Candidates for the Sacrament of Confirmation are expected to attend all of the sessions and events that are listed on the program schedule.  Out of respect and courtesy, please inform the catechist if a student is unable to attend.  If a candidate misses a class session, the catechist will assign make-up work.  If a student misses a session due to an unexcused absence, the parent will be called by the program coordinator.

Confirmation Sponsor Selection and Sponsor Sessions.  During the first year of sacrament preparation, each candidate must choose a sponsor that will journey with them throughout the two years, be a witness at the Rite of Confirmation Mass, and support them in their life-long faith journey.  Guidelines for choosing a sponsor are provided along with the form that must be completed by each candidate. 

Candidate-Sponsor Session Guidelines and Sponsor Session Evaluation Form.   Confirmation sponsors will be mailed a packet that includes guidelines for Candidate-Sponsor sessions.  The letter will also indicate special upcoming parish events and an invitation to attend the Evening of Prayer session.  The Session Evaluation Form is submitted to the Confirmation Coordinator prior to the Confirmation Rehearsal.

Confirmation Retreat.  Each candidate for the Sacrament of Confirmation is required to participate in a Confirmation Retreat.  A retreat is scheduled for our second year candidates and they will be asked to sign up for the retreat in advance.  If a candidate is unable to attend this parish retreat, they may attend a Confirmation retreat at their own expense at another parish and must inform the Confirmation Coordinator.

Confirmation Name Selection. Each candidate chooses a Confirmation name.  Candidates will receive guidelines for the name selection.

Confirmation Candidate Information. Each Confirmation II candidate must submit this form by the indicated due date.

Works of Mercy Service Projects
Each Confirmation I and II candidate is expected to participate in three “works of mercy” per year.  On-line sign-up using “Sign up Genius” will make it easy for students to learn about and participate in these events.  Students will submit one written reflection using the Work of Mercy Reflection form found on our parish website. 

Parent Meetings and Volunteer Opportunities 
Parents are the primary teachers of the faith for their child.  The extent to which our Saint Anne Parish faith formation programs can serve the children is a direct function of how many volunteers step forward to teach and to support our youth service projects and other program events.   In addition, we ask that at least one parent attend our parent meetings and read and respond to class emails. 

God Bless,
Mary Collins
Coordinator of Confirmation Faith Formation
Direct Line: 978-320-4206;




INCOMING 9th grade students welcome to the Confirmation Prep Program.

Parents must attend one of the scheduled parent meetings to register your teen in the program. Attend the meeting that best fits your schedule.

St. Anne Parish:
Thursday, May 9 at 7:00 PM

St. Catherine Parish:
Monday May 13 at 7:00 PM








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