2nd Collections - Archdiocese of Boston

Special Collection Sunday (Jan 21, 2018)  The designated charity for this collection has not been determined for 2018.

Church in Latin America (Jan 28, 2018)  This collection supports various pastoral projects throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Catholic Charities (Feb 14, 2018)  This Ash Wednesday collection will be for the benefit of Catholic Charities.

Church in Africa and in Central & Eastern Eurpose (February 25, 2018)  This collection supports the Church in Africa and in Central & Eastern Europe. 

Holy Land Shrines (March 30, 2018)  The Good Friday collection supports the sacred places and the educational, charitable and peace seeking ministries of the Church in the Holy Land.

Easter Sunday Collection (April 1, 2018): Clergy Benefit Trust (there is no weekly collection this week) The Easter Collection supports the retirement, medical and financial needs of priests of the Archdiocese of Boston.

Home Missions, Black & Native American and Military Archdiocese (April 29, 2018)  This combined collection supports three important national Catholic missions.  The Catholic Home Missions Appeal supports dioceses in the United States and its territories that lack the resources to provide basic pastoral ministry to their populations.  The Black and Indian Mission Collection exists to help local African American, Native American and Alaska Native diocesan communities throughout the United States. The Military Archdiocese provides  the Catholic Church's full range of pastoral ministries and spiritual services to those in the United States Armed Forces. The Military Archdiocese receives no funding from the United States government and is supported solely by your generosity.

Seminarians (May 20, 2018)    This collection supports the formation and training of seminarians in the Archdiocese of Boston for service as future priests. 

The Catholic Relief Services Collection (May 27, 2018)   The collection funds the ministries of five Catholic Church organizations: Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC), Migration and Refugee Services (MRS), Social Development and World Peace (SDWP), and The Holy Father’s Relief Fund.

Holy Father - Peter's Pence (July 1, 2018)  This collection enables the Holy Father to respond with emergency financial assistance to requests for aid to needy throughout the world - those who suffer as a result of war, oppression, and natural disasters.

Communications (August 6, 2017 / August 5, 2018)  This collection supports the Catholic Communication Campaign. 

Catholic University of America (September 3, 2017 / September 2, 2018) This collection supports The Catholic University of America (CUA) and its scholarship fund for needy students.

Clergy Benefit Trust (September 17, 2017 / September 16, 2018)    This collection supports the retirement, medical and financial needs of priests of the Archdiocese of Boston.

World Mission Sunday (October 22, 2017 / October 21, 2018)   This collection supports Catholic World Missions. 

Campaign for Human Development (November 5, 2017 / November 4, 2018)  This collection, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), works to uphold the dignity of human life by breaking the cycle of poverty across the United States through grants to local community-based groups who create jobs, improve education, and strengthen neighborhoods. Twenty-five percent of the CCHD collection stays in the Archdiocese of Boston to fund local anti-poverty projects; seventy-five percent supports national grant and education programs.

Collection for Retired Religious Sisters  (November 19, 2017 / November 18, 2017)  The collection is used to assist religious communities to provide for the retirement and health care needs of Sisters who have served in the Archdiocese. 

Christmas Collection: Clergy Benefit Trust (December 25th each year) The collection at the Christmas Mass is in support of the retirement, medical and financial needs of the priests of the Archdiocese of Boston. 


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