Music Ministry

That my heart may sing to you and not be silent (Ps. 30:12)

Whether comforting us in moments of despair or lifting us in moments of joy, music speaks to us in ways that are otherwise inexpressible. In our liturgies, music helps to unite us body and soul in prayer with one another and experience God’s presence among us.  Our Music Ministry is dedicated to helping us all pray together in song and to move us to “full, conscious and active participation”* in the Mass. 

If you have the gift of music and would like to share it with the parish, our Music Ministry needs you!  Help us Help our faith community pray through song and consider joining one of our ensembles. Below you’ll find information on ways to get involved.

*Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, no. 14


Adult Ensemble (Director:  Kelly Clark,
The Adult Ensemble welcomes adult singers and instrumentalists of all levels.  Our repertoire tends toward a contemporary style, while still honoring traditional roots. This ensemble includes an adult SATB choir, bass, organ, piano, guitars, solo wind and percussion instruments.

Masses:       St. Anne, 10:00 AM
Rehearsals:  Thursdays, 7:30 (with St. Catherine adults)*
                   *Rehearsal location alternates between St. Anne and St. Catherine   

Teen Ensemble (Director:  Kelly Clark,
The Teen Ensemble is open to teens in 6th  through 12th grade.  This group provides contemporary music at the 10:00 AM/Confirmation liturgies and is ideally accompanied by a band of teen and adult musicians.  In addition to singers, the group is interested in teens or adults that play piano, bass, drums, guitars, flute, and trumpet.

Masses:      St. Anne 10:00 AM (about twice a month)
Rehearsals: Thursday evenings 6:00-7:00 (with St. Catherine teens)*
                 *Rehearsal location alternates between St. Anne and St. Catherine

Saint Anne Children’s Choir  (Director: Kristen Gleason
The Saint Anne Children’s choir is open to kids who are in grades 2 through 6.  This group will sing together at one grade level mass each month.  In addition, they will sing at some holiday masses and other special liturgies.  

  • Rehearsals:   The second and fourth Thursday of each month, 6:15-7:00PM.

Kelly Clark

Music Director

Kristen (KiKi) Gleason

Assistant Music Director
978-486-4100, Ext. 180

If you would like to join us, please email Kelly Clark or Kristen Gleason, or call the Collaborative Music Office at 978-320-4205.

All members must complete Protecting God's Children training and complete a CORI form.

Other Opportunities

Christmas Choir

The choir welcomes extra singers interested in singing during the Christmas season for the annual Ecumenical Christmas Concert and at Christmas liturgies. Rehearsals will be posted in the bulletin.

Triduum Choir

Also a four part choir this groups combines with a variety of instrumentalists to prepare the music for the Paschal Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil).  Rehearsals are TBD. 

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